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violin lessons - music therapy - music courses for children - chamber music

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violin lessons

for children and people of all ages


learning the violin is fun - if you make it!

... and if you put in the effort.

I have been teaching the violin for the last 13 years of my life. Mainly to children and youth but also to adults. I love the path that one walks together, mostly over a few years.You see your students grow up and become a steady part of one another's life.Learning the violin has to do with a lot of work and discipline.The technical part has to be built up in order to be able to play any advanced repertoire. But this can be done in joyful ways. I always try to understand my students psychologically, mentally and physically. In order to motivate them in a positive way. My training as a music therapist most definitely ads to that ability. I try to make my students grow not only on their instrument but as a person.

music therapy

teaching music to special needs children and adults

I studied to be a music therapist in the Netherlands and in Germany and am currently taking another degree in a special method called 'integrative music therapy'.

The beauty of music therapy and teaching music to special needs children or grown ups is the direct response. Music has many healing properties. It directly influences your emotions, hence it goes through our entire system. Since our bodies are made of about 70 % of water, the vibrations of for example a sound bowl will affect the client immediately. Also, music is not only but also processed in the limbic system. The part of our brain, where emotions are processed as well. This way music offers a beautiful and easy access to our subconscious reality, which can be used to do successful music therapy!

I work with the piano, guitar, ukulele, sound bowls, percussion instruments, drums, violin, chrotta, body tambura and many more instruments that are suitable and easy to play without any musical training.

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Piano lessons

The piano was my major in my music therapy studies and my most important childhood instrument.
I love finding the right way and approach for each and every individual student at beginners level.

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courses for children between the age of 1 to 3

Currently no music groups possible!

I have started teaching music courses for children between the age of one to four years. The lessons are held in groups and the parents are attending with their child.

It is a beautiful way to spend quality time with your child and learn songs and little musical games together. Parents always tell me that the children still sing the songs from the lessons months later.

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Duo Arioso

Violin: Ingwe Murtada (Mayntz)

Ingwe started playing the violin and the piano at an early age and wrote theater pieces and compositions as a teenager. She went to study film and communication in Hamburg and Cape Town followed by her musical studies in violin and music therapy in Leiden and Amsterdam (Netherlands). Since 2009 she is performing as a violinist and teaching music to children and working as a music therapist.

Piano: Margarita Weiß

Margarita Weiß started playing the piano at the age of six and went to an early music school program taking her further to the conservatoire in St. Petersburg, Russia. Here she completed her artistic musical studies as a pianist.
She is now working as accompanist at the Waldorfschool in Ottersberg, Germany and is doing many solo recitals and chamber music projects such as the Duo Arioso.


Arioso is a musical term for 'melodious, graceful or a short composition in the style of an aria'.
As we started off working together musically we were playing arias and tried to make them sound as vocal as possible. So that is where our name comes from!
We play classical repertoire such as Bach or Mozart Sonatas but we have also dwelled into more recent music such as tango pieces by Astor Piazzolla. 
What ever the occasion or our chamber music program asks us to play, we are trying to meet your needs as a listener and also try to pursue our artistic development.

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Prices for private lessons

These prices are applicable for 1 on 1 lessons during school periods (no lessons during school or public holidays!)

Membership payment: If you decide to study with me for a longer period of time, the is the easiest way to go. You/the child's parents pay a monthly membership all year around and you or your child receives their weekly one on one lesson during school periods. Here comes the price range for this concept:

30 min. lesson weekly during school periods: 100 € monthly membership

45 min. lesson weekly during school periods: 150 € monthly membership

1 h lesson weekly during school periods: 200 € monthly membership

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Sirtemastraat 310, 2313 SX Den Haag


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